Mexico and Guatemala travel plans

$314 for a Feb 1 trip, one way, Boston to Mexico City, on Cheaptickets.

Not easy to find actual government information on visiting Guatemala (and whatever you think of governments, the US and Guatemalan governments are where to get information on visa and travel requirements, not but here it is:

2010 December in text messages

Couchsurfing Host: Oh ok. Sounds good. She likes to sleep in the passenger seat. Don't let her scratch the walls. She likes to do that too.


New haircut courtesy of the barber shop Brad frequents.

New jacket courtesy Tal Greenberg.

I'm ready to go see K.

2010 November in text messages

K: "I drive to work in the shadow of a great snowcapped tit of the goddess - life is good. Chaotic, but good."

KM messaging me about her and Fox's locations (with excellent suggestions like "Fox wants donuts" and "At sushi w/ veggie platters @ 2017 shattuck ave, Ichiban" during BADcamp).

Based on a text conversation with A, i now have to write "A Jewish Boy's Guide to Living Without Guilt".

Back from 18 hours in Montreal (and 12 traveling), catching up with people

Dropped H off at South Station after only missing a few turns on the highway getting into Boston, took the rental back to the airport, and returned to South Station via silver line. We've got a system, now.

A is still apartment hunting.

AG doing all right.

Thank the god she doesn't particularly believe in, a good conversation again with K.
She said perfectly what we need: Work for a real company, learn some things we like about how they operate, and all the things we don't like about how they operate, and then do our own thing.

Headed to the West Coast– BADcamp and more

Just booked a plane ticket to San Francisco. One way, but i know i need to be coming back around December first. But maybe to NYC, or West Virginia, and maybe i'll be flying out of Seattle... at the least i'll likely prefer to fly out of Oakland instead of SFO, and i can get a flight from there as of this moment for $170– a $10 saving over booking a round trip, with the $180 ticket there.

And tonight i take off for Montreal.

The bare connection of the telephone

Reached K, and D finally.

A says he's working another odd job.

I cleaned the kitchen and living room a little bit, and when Mom got back from New Hampshire just a little bit ago tonight, she asked, "Who's coming?"


A close friend often talks about his eyes being opened: to a better understanding of how the world really is; to a better way of living; to more open and understanding ways of thinking, feeling, being. And he frequently tells me i'm already there.

Cornocopia Institute finds corporate organic food is bad. Go local!

Andrea telling me:

Cornucopia Institute

monitor places that claim they are organic
released their findings
haven't read it, heard it on FSRN, but it doesn't look pretty - the big chains claiming organic stuff

Michael Pollan was saying another tactic they use, and then for the last two weeks, they open up the barn– and at that point the chickens don't leave

Oct. 5 and 6 in Cambridge (Drupal meetup) and Boston (South Station)

On the way in to the meetup, Dan drove through Needham Heights - they have a commuter rail stop and a trader joes.

Dan presented pretty well on


Boston public transit restroom moment:

Little girl with her father in a stall of the men's bathroom, South Station:
"I didn't know they had art on the wall."
"It's called graffiti."

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