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Andrew on the song Tainted Love

On the song Tainted Love-- "have you heard the original?"

1964. Obviously heavily motown influenced. Gloria Jones. The single was a flop. More than ten years later some djs in the UK discovered it and started playing the hell out of it. She rerecorded a new version in the 1970s that's not nearly as good. Obviously Soft Cell's version is the biggest hit.

Transcript of Recorded Notes Walking around McCarren Park with Stefan Thinking of Andrew

[almost all start with ten or more seconds of silence as i re-gathered my thoughts]

if drugs were legal, my friend would be alive today. I don't know how many times that sentence has been said or written, but it could have been said or written hundreds of thousands of times in the last ... several years alone. I don't know the statistics. My friend Andrew would have known the statistics, and the extent to which overdoses are due to impurities, lack of regulation of course, inconsistency of access.

Andrew on Detroit

Advice on Urban Exploring in Detroit:

There's tons of shit to explore in Detroit, if you got some semblance of balls. Detroit knows how to lock up abandoned shit because that's all we do. And we know damn well how easy it is for anyplace to become a crack den squat, so we lock that shit up. You're gonna have to break into some places. Detroit style.

Check out the Ruins of Detroit web site, if it's still up. Also, check "abandoned by neglect" if you can find something there.

Andrew on the radical and practical plan for

> * What is your primary objective with this site?

Primary objective is to develop a "tribe" of followers who will become loyal readers and customers of money making business ventures including but not limited to NYC tourism and sales of various merchandise.

> * What are your secondary objectives?

Andrew Judson Grice (1969-2012)

[Because i worked at a newspaper and part of what i did there was write obituaries, i've written one each for my grandmother and my father. I realize since starting this (and turning to an opinion piece instead) that it is not my place to write an obituary for Andrew, but instead to simply give testimony to the parts of his life it was my honor to be part of.]

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