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SearchSearch engines, directories, research tools
NewsDiverse sources of news
ViewsOpinion, commentary, issue-oriented publications
Media CriticismBecause the way news is reported needs to be criticized
Web DesignHow to make web sites
WritingFormat, grammar, advice
OrganizationsGroups doing something worthwhile, or at least interesting
Social IssuesProblems of the world and possible solutions
LearningKnowledge organized by academic subject
InformationUseful knowledge
HumorSatire etc.
ProductsGoods and services for sale and free, including downloads
MiscellaneousHome pages and portals of people I don’t know, etc.
Friend’s SitesTheirs are better than mine

Useful, interesting, fun, or informative sites I’ve run across.

Visited Often

slashdot: techie news.

[See also: Portals]

Best picks:

NarcoNews: authentic journalism (that is, Al Giordano doesn’t get paid) on the U.S. imposed drug war in Latin America.

This fellow tries to look at the news from George Orwell’s perspective; he calls it American Newspeak.

Daily news at the Guardian Unlimited.

ModelMinority objects to this false stereotype of Asian-Americans, points out discrimination and invisibility, is “A Guide to Asian American Empowerment,” and prints intelligent articles on nearly every important issue that comes along.

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