The Enterprises

The Enterprises:
Subsidiary Companies of Melançon Enterprises

Melanšon Enterprises is a large, multidivision business with no mission statement.  Melanšon Enterprises is nothing in itself but is made up of many sub-companies and sub-sub-companies.  These include:

(In association with Daniel Eugene Melançon:)

There are even more divisions of Melançon Enterprises, the records for which have been temporarily lost.  Also, more companies will come into existence as necessary for tax and aesthetic purposes.

Origin of Melançon Enterprises

Jeff Burke thought the BMM companies and Melançon Enterprises and all were inspired by Milo Minderbinder’s laudable plans for world domination by MM Inc., or whatever he called it.  Most of us in the company really didn’t think this was the case, but the company’s records were spotty and the founder’s memory spottier.  After much soul-searching and worrying about being not only a figment of someone’s imagination but being an imagined figment derived from a figment of someone else’s imagination, we at Melançon Enterprises found papers produced by BMM Publishing Company during sophomore year in high school, complete with questioning notes from the English teacher.  The deep significance of this find lies in the fact that our founder did not read Catch-22 until the summer reading for Mrs. Deguzman’s junior year English class.  It therefore follows that Milo Minderbinder got his idea from us.