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Maurice Institute Library

  • established 1996
  • based in Natick, Massachusetts
  • part of the Melançon Library Network
  • “the Best Bet for Books!”

Our arch-competitor is the Morse Institute of Natick and its umbrella organization, the Minuteman Library Network.  Right now they havethe edge in number of buildings, number of librarians, and number of books.  We, however, have a web site with marble columns.

Please recommend books for our head librarian to read.  We occasionally post excerpts and summaries of books on this site as memory aids for ourselves and for the edification of others.

We also have a small amount of on-line knowledge.  Right now this is represented by a tiny bit of stolen information on the history of China.

Last but not least, the Maurice Institute Library hosts one of the greatest literary projects of all time: the Speckled Band Web Project, about the Sherlock Holmes story “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  The site uses frames, but I modestly suggest that the Project justifies the use of frames if anything can.


Benjamin Maurice Melançon, Librarian

Maurice Institute Library
33 Fisher Street
Natick, Massachusetts
(508) 655 - 7065