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My name is Benjamin Maurice Melançon.  Among my short-term goals is to read every book worth reading.

, or add comments (about the book, your name) and then submit.

Any book that you like, liked once, think you might like in the future, or didn’t like but think I might like, please give me its name.  Type it into this form.  Spelling doesn’t matter.  Just tell me what to read, and I’ll find it and read it.

If you do not tell me what books to read I will continue to compulsively take dozens of books off library shelves, and read them.  I gather books during visits to the library seemingly at random.  For example, in November of 2000 I picked up a 600 page book bound in blue cloth titled Behold! the Polish Americans.

I like music of very varying types.

This woefully incomplete online journal is an attempt to prove that I do other things beside read.  My best guess as to why the pictures are so bad is that my mom has kept the negatives of my good pictures.

Self-diagnosed Surgeon General’s Warnings:

  • When I go to movies and if the movie is at all interesting, I sit through to the very end of the credits.
  • I do not eat meat.  Or milk.  Or eggs.  Or cheese.  Or fish.  Or butter.  Or... you get the picture.